Tips for Maintaining Your Deck

Whether you are looking in tropical Australia or in the temperate Australia, a deck will be an integral part of your outdoor lifestyle. You can make your outdoor life even more interesting by making sure that you have a well-maintained, attractive and enjoyable deck area on your premises with the deck maintenance Brisbane by

Maintaining a clean and great looking deck is of great importance because the deck serves almost an extension of your indoor living spaces.  Having a great deck will make  you spend more of your time in the outdoors and also up the value of your home. However, in order to keep them in the best shape and condition, it is important to give it regular maintenance and care. 4

This is especially so if you are dealing with wooden decks in which case you will have to maintain them on a regular basis with the help of professional services such as deck maintenance Brisbane by Failure to carry out professional maintenance on your deck will bring out various issues such as the discolouring of the surface which really ruins the look. Additionally, without proper maintenance, it is likely going to become rough and will also be more susceptible to splintering.

If the decking is poorly maintained, it is also likely going to be easily affected by mould that can cause other adverse effects such as slippery surfaces. Mould growth on wooden deck can also initiate the rot on the surface. To prevent this, the deck should be treated professionally and also treated well so as to preserve for the longest duration of time.  It is always advisable to watch the surface for any signs of rot or deterioration such as splintering of the surface, fading of surface and cracking amongst others.

Why decks will generally deteriorate for three main reasons. These include the following:

  • Sunlight: The UV rays from the sunshine will break down the wood cells and initiate a process of fading and deterioration.
  • Moisture: Water can seep in through the wooden material used in the decking causing it to expand and contract which will, in turn, lead to the cracking of the surface once it has dried out.
  • Insects: Insects are also quite destructive on the wood used in the deck. You can prevent this by using wood with natural resistance to insect attack. Before timber is used in decks, it is also important to ensure that it has been pressure treated using a premium quality sealant material.

It is advisable to have the deck thoroughly cleaned and also sealed at least once every year. During the cleaning process for the deck, some of the substances that will be removed from the surface include the moss, algae, dirt as well as various other kinds of organic matter which are likely to cause a rapid deterioration of the wooden material. You can contract professional deck maintenance Brisbane by to help you with the cleaning and resealing work for your decks. The resealing process for decks is usually done using a semi-clear or clear sealant on all the surfaces of the deck which are exposed. Applying a liquid sealant material also ensures that the wood retains its colour over time.