Why Commercial-Grade Epoxy Flooring Is Best for Your Business Premises

Are you looking for the best commercial flooring Brisbane providers have to offer?

Before you visit one company to another, it is important to understand the various factors that can influence your choice.

There’s more to commercial flooring than just a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface to walk on.

What to consider when choosing the right commercial flooring


It matters if an office or retail space has an open plan layout or split up into different rooms. This is mainly due to the noise levels that need to be dealt with and the right flooring can go a long way in muffling or amplifying noise.

For an open-plan space, laying down a carpet or carpet tiles can help with sound absorption. The same applies to individual offices unless you want to amplify sound. In this case, you should install hard flooring where noise can bounce off more. Click here Qepoxy


Think about how people are going to use a specific room when deciding on commercial flooring.

Commercial kitchen flooring Brisbane retailers sell, for example, are selected based on their slip-resistance, what with the activities carried out in the area. The last thing you need is someone slipping on a wet floor and costing you legal liabilities.

Maintenance Budget

Take into account the cost of taking care of commercial flooring, from cleaning to regular maintenance. Wooden floors, for instance, require more work to keep in good condition. This means more money out of your pocket. Good thing there are alternatives available.

Why choose commercial epoxy flooring Brisbane?

Epoxy flooring is highly durable, strong, customisable, and resistance to spills and impact. This is why it’s the commercial flooring Brisbane customers highly recommend.

Superior durability

It can withstand the impact of heavy machinery and heavy foot traffic. If this is what your business is all about, this flooring is for you.

Spill resistance

Spills and stains are not a problem with epoxy flooring. This is why it is a popular choice among many commercial and industrial installations. It’s chemical resistant too.

Highly hygienic and sanitary

With cleanliness a priority in certain industries, such as hospitals and restaurants, epoxy flooring is the best choice. Spill and chemical-resistant, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It can also withstand harsh disinfectants and other abrasive cleaners such sectors use to maintain a sanitary environment.

Range of options

This type of flooring comes in decorative versions. Choose from flake, metallic, self-level and roll coat epoxy systems that are available in an extensive variety of colours and finishes.

No epoxy flooring looks the same.

Affordable commercial flooring

If you want to get your cracked and tired concrete surfaces a makeover, epoxy flooring provides an affordable solution. Think about it; because you don’t need to buy new materials to give your floor an overhaul, you save a lot more. All you need to pay for is the epoxy system of your choice.

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